Limerick Leader Writes About the Secret Science of Santa Claus

Yesterday my hometown paper, the Limerick Leader, published an article about my new book “Secret Science of Santa Claus”. It’s always great to get press coverage for your message, even better that it’s in the paper I grew up reading while living in Limerick.

You can check out the article in the latest edition of the Limerick Leader, both city and county, in shops and online. The article was written by Maria Flannery of the Leader.

But if you can’t get to a newsstand, here’s a snapshot of the article:


Dutch Vlogging Secret Science of Santa Claus


This morning Saskia de Laat included “Secret Science of Santa Claus” in her latest vlog on Christmas gift tips for the festive season. Her website is and you can find lots of Christmas themed information there.¬†The book even featured alongside Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook for Christmas.

You can check out the vlog by clicking here.


Secret Science of Santa Claus crosses Ireland


From the banks of the river Fergus in Clare to the stronghold of Irish hurling in Kilkenny, the “Secret Science of Santa Claus” and the “Secrets of Superhero Science” has travelled across Ireland over the past week for Science Week.

There have been talks at sandwich bars, universities, schools and bookshops. Regardless of the audience, the intrigue and wonder has been high and the questions and comments have been thought-provoking. It’s been a real treat meeting so many people with a passion for science and engineering.

It’s also been great to see that so many people want to work for my future research institute – “The Secrets of Superhero Science” research institute. When it opens to develop superpowers in the future there’ll be no shortage of applications. I’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of the qualified scientists who will want to work on the creation of superpowers.

For the moment though we’ll just have to prepare ourselves for the arrival of Santa Claus. His preparations for his journey are well underway and the science behind his journey is beyond anything we can imagine. That’s because Santa is one of the greatest innovators on the planet!


Secret Science of Santa Claus at Science Week Ireland

From November 13th to 20th it’s Science Week in Ireland. As part of Science Week I’ll be travelling around Ireland presenting numerous talks/presentations about the “Secret Science of Santa Claus” and the “Secrets of Superhero Science”.

On November 14th I’ll be presenting about the Science of Santa Claus and the Superheroes at the University of Limerick. You can get further information on the talks there as well as other events for Science Week in Limerick by clicking here.


Secret Science of Santa Claus – Edging closer to release!

Secret Science of Santa Claus is very much on the way!

After I acquired the ISBN for the book it has already appeared on the website literatuurplein.

Here’s the screen shot from the website with the details:



Secret Science of Santa Claus goes to the printers!

Absolutely delighted to inform you that my new book “Secret Science of Santa Claus” has gone to the printers. After some long evenings and busy weekends editing and adjusting the book in collaboration with Number 42 in Eindhoven, the book is currently being printed.

In the book I discuss the¬†astounding science that is crucial for Santa’s incredible Christmas journey on Christmas Eve. The illustrations for the book have been done by Ivi van Keulen, an artist from Eindhoven while the cover design and book layout were done by Number 42 in Eindhoven.

I’m very excited to see the final printed version of the book.

Stay tuned for further updates!