Blog > Secret Science of Santa Claus crosses Ireland


From the banks of the river Fergus in Clare to the stronghold of Irish hurling in Kilkenny, the “Secret Science of Santa Claus” and the “Secrets of Superhero Science” has travelled across Ireland over the past week for Science Week.

There have been talks at sandwich bars, universities, schools and bookshops. Regardless of the audience, the intrigue and wonder has been high and the questions and comments have been thought-provoking. It’s been a real treat meeting so many people with a passion for science and engineering.

It’s also been great to see that so many people want to work for my future research institute – “The Secrets of Superhero Science” research institute. When it opens to develop superpowers in the future there’ll be no shortage of applications. I’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of the qualified scientists who will want to work on the creation of superpowers.

For the moment though we’ll just have to prepare ourselves for the arrival of Santa Claus. His preparations for his journey are well underway and the science behind his journey is beyond anything we can imagine. That’s because Santa is one of the greatest innovators on the planet!